12 Gauge Premium Speaker Wire (50 ft.)

  • PREMIUM SPEAKER WIRE: 50 feet of 12-gauge polarity-marked speaker wire. 2-conductor wire, Ideal for Car, RV or Home use. Professional grade speaker cable designed for custom installations.
  • FULL SPEC WIRE: Meets or exceeds American Wire Gauge (AWG) specifications and requirements.
  • SPOOLED DESIGN: SP12050-2 speaker wire is wrapped around a durable hard plastic spool for dispensing and storing. The spooled design allows for an easy measure and cut, making your speaker installation as accurate as possible.
  • HIGH STRAND COUNT: 12 AWG speaker wire with high strand count (168 strands x 2) for maximum conductivity to give your speakers the highest signal capability.
  • SEQUENTIAL FOOT & POLARITY MARKINGS: The clear, ultra-flexible PVC jacket is marked in 2-foot intervals for easy measuring & cutting. One side is slightly darker to indicate polarity & ensure that your speakers are hooked up correctly.


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Don’t let low-grade speaker wire be the weak link in your audio system. Get every ounce of power from your amplifier to your speakers with this 2 conductor 12-gauge speaker wire. You get 50 feet of polarity-marked speaker wire on this spool. The wire includes sequential foot markings to give you the most accurate installation possible.

  • 50 feet of 12-gauge polarity-marked speaker wire
  • 2-conductor wire, Ideal for Car, RV or Home use
  • FULL Specification AWG (American Wire Gauge)
  • High-Strand for Increased Conductivity
  • Ultra-Flex Outer Jacket for Maximum Flexibility
  • Sequential Foot Markings for Accurate Installations
Weight1 lbs
Dimensions4.41 × 4.41 × 4.41 in
Speaker Gauge


Speaker Length

50 ft.