Don’t let low-grade RCA cables be the weak link in your car audio system. Get every ounce of a signal from your amplifier to your car stereo with these twisted-pair RCA cables. All Carwires audio cables utilize an ultra-flex outer jacket for maximum flexibility and are constructed of 100% pure crystal-oxygen free copper. Available in 2 or 4 channel connection options.



The Carwires crimp ring terminals are designed to provide a secure, crimp-on termination for your power and ground wires. We recommend using a crimp tool to get achieve a long-lasting secure connection between your wires and these terminals. All terminals are platinum-plated and constructed with 100% solid brass for the best possible connection.



Don’t let low-grade speaker wire be the weak link in your car audio system. Get every ounce of power from your amplifier to your speakers with Carwires high-strand speaker wire. All Carwires speaker wire is considered FULL spec cable, which means it meets or exceeds AWG (American Wire Gauge) standards. You deserve every strand of wire you paid for! The ultra-flex outer jacket adds maximum flexibility to make your installation just a bit easier.



Carwires amplifier wiring kits include all the wiring necessary to send audio and power to your car amplifier. All the wires in our kits meet or exceed the American Wire Gauge specifications and requirements. These kits are designed to work with amplifiers with a fuse rating up to 100 amperes. If you’re ready to install like a pro, the included 15-step installation guide will take you from start to finish!



The MJ Series cables are designed for connecting your audio video equipment or portable audio devices. All of these cables are 6 feet long and constructed of 100% pure crystal-oxygen free copper (PC-OFC) for maximum audio performance. Each connector is gold-plated to insure a superior connection.

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